River Dubplate #LBFL Season 2

River Dubplate #LBFL Season 2

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Nightlife and sport – are there two more complimentary activities? The DJ’s of River Dubplate don’t think so. Just because they get to bed at 10am (and to sleep at noon) on matchday doesn’t stop them from putting in good performances. It must be all those ‘supplements’ they take throughout the night… Their Peter Saville / Hacienda Club inspired shirt is a thing of beauty.

PLEASE NOTE: This shirt is custom printed BY HAND. There are occasional misprints on the fabrics. This cannot be prevented, but we only sell those that we believe are of sufficient quality.

The only remaining shirts feature the ‘Sun Badge’ and not the CARD logo - thanks.

Authentic NIKE Dri-Fit.
Embroidered logos by Avery Dennison.
Customised and made in Paris.
“Only club music” – CONI Vairelles.

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