City Boys x Le Ballon Nakata Pillow

City Boys x Le Ballon Nakata Pillow


Hidetoshi Nakata has been one of our favourite players since that season that AS Roma were just ridiculously good on Champ Man. When was that, 2000? 2001? Him and Vincenzo Montella were lethal, and we had Marco Delvecchio at left back when Vincent Candela was crocked. It was a simpler time.

For our tournament in Tokyo, we joined forces with CityBoys FC to create a five-a-side dream team of J-League Pillows. Backed with real vintage goalkeeper jersey fabric, you can snuggle up to them at night, or practice half-volleying them into the laundry-basket. Your choice, really.

Literally two of these exist. The other one is in Tokyo.
Made in Japan.
100% polyester.
Backed with genuine vintage GK shirts.
35cm tall, 17cm wide
Tell everyone you slept with a J-League legend!

Kazuyoshi 'King Kazu' Miura
Forlán (sold out due to irresistible hair accessories)

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