City Boys x Le Ballon Littbarski Pillow

City Boys x Le Ballon Littbarski Pillow


A german dribbling legend, and someone who was actually good when he went to what was then a burgeoning J-League. The JEF United Ichihara shirt is boss, too. Yellow and green all over with a Sonic The Hedgehog sponsor. Yes please.

For our tournament in Tokyo, we joined forces with CityBoys FC to create a five-a-side dream team of J-League Pillows. Backed with real vintage goalkeeper jersey fabric, you can snuggle up to them at night, or practice half-volleying them into the laundry-basket. Your choice, really.

Literally two of these exist. The other one is in Tokyo.
Made in Japan.
100% polyester.
Backed with genuine vintage GK shirts.
35cm tall, 17cm wide
Tell everyone you slept with a J-League legend!

Kazuyoshi 'King Kazu' Miura
Forlán (sold out due to irresistible hair accessories)

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